The Radio hour excerpt provided by “cog dog” provides a great analysis of both the audio demo. When you open the actual link, you’ll get these comments that are timestamped accordingly to help the audience guide through what he/she are seeing and observing from the audio demo. This is helpful because while the listening to this audio snippet for the first time, all the comments made by cog dog were ignored by me.

These behind the scene sound cues are important as when done correctly, they don’t distort and distract the audience when cued. When the background music drops near the end of the three minutes, it disturbed my train of thought as I began to zone out from the continuous rhythm of the background music. Noticing a change in the tempo of the music, it diverted by attention back onto the topic on hand without an. Counter-intuitive methods are more of a benefit than a con in my opinion. It allows for thinking out of the box to excel when done correctly and efficiently.

For the Scottlo section, I listened to the Lo Down episodes one, eight, and nine. These all were mostly going over previous examples created by other ds106 students. These were informative as it went over different audio assignments and how one student excelled at completing them. For example, one of them was to tell a story using only audio clips in the span of 90 seconds.

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