The place that I chose to do this photo scavenger hunt was in my apartment in Eagle Landing. I chose it mostly out of convenience and knowing my own environment. I also felt it would be a challenge as I don’t have much in the three rooms so I wanted to see what I could make work. Unfortunately, I couldn’t get all the photos done within the 15 minutes, but completed twelve. The photos that worked best for me were the ones that covered a large space. For example, the converging lines in the hallway were really helpful in creating a nice photo. Along with just my own room, I explored outside and went into the stairway and elevator to test out some camera shots. The most inventive in my opinion was the Froot Loops cereal box. I chose that as “make an inanimate object look alive”. For a while, I was stumped on this one but saw the box hidden in a cupboard within the kitchen. It worked perfectly and I thought it was pretty cool to top it off with “MEGA SIZE” on top as a label.

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