The assignment details for this were quite easy to understand. I decided to take a trip down memory lane in my photo album. In doing so, I wanted to find something that was far back but wasn’t past high school. I remembered that during my Freshmen art class, we actually had an assignment I actually enjoyed. I had originally disliked the class due to it’s daily journal topics. It wasn’t until the second or third week of classes in which we designed a paper bag with an abstract sense of creation.

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A close friend of mine created and finished a paper bag design around the same time and took some photos. Here is my favorite out of all of the ones we took. After this assignment, I began to enjoy the class more just from the sense of abstract art I could create. In my head, art always had to look realistic and good but I hadn’t really looked into more abstract art before then.

Benefits of Art: Challenge Yourself With Abstract | iCanvas Blog -  Heartistry

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