The first clip I chose to analyze was the one with Joker’s “Pencil Trick”. Looking at it visually, there are multiple times where there is a clear distinction between the foreground and background. With this being said, it is not every time in which the “past” would be conceived on the left while the “future” would be on the right according to Ebert’s methods. This of course as he said in his article is not to be taking absolutes. “Never make the mistake of thinking these are absolutes. They exist in a realm of emotional tendencies.” This is absolutely true when dissecting a scene as it’s all situational and according to how the setting is set. There is always the possibility but it’s never a guarantee. Onto the actual interpretation of the scene and audio, Joker is seen as the underdog in this situation but also the main character. There is a noticeable different in contrast of lighting when the camera pans from Joker to other members of the gangs. The face paint of Joker is also intensified to create that focal speaking point.

When I listened only to the audio, the Joker creates these wide spacing in his wording to ensure that the other characters present have time to fully interpret what he’s saying. Everything he says is in this meticulous and deliberate manner creating a very tense environment for the meeting. Combined with his visual actions, the scene takes on another level.

The second clip I chose analyze was from Good Will Hunting. In this scene, Will and his friends at the local bar. One of his friends is attempting to impress a girl when another guy tries to show him up using a plagiarized conversation. From the start of the clip, the coloration is very dull but begins to lighten up as the main confrontation approaches. Audio wise, the music in the background and commotion from talking is dimmed down as Will begins conversing with the Harvard student.

Start of the clip (Dimmer background)
Middle to end of the clip is brightened up a lot more

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