After a long week of creating multiple subdomains for my different classes, I would say that the class that I worked on the most would have to be DS106. This is mainly because of the different accounts I had to create on different platforms. With this being said, I’m still trying to get use to working and managing the website subdomains. Hopefully, I’ll become much more fluent with using the website manager. In terms of completing the requirements for this week’s assignments, I believe that I was efficient in completing each individual assignment. What gave me the most trouble was uploading one of my videos this week. The main reason is because something went wrong from my conversion from M4A to MP4.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is image.png
Exhibit 1: Only got the top half of the page but went through a lot of conversion links that didn’t work.

I enjoyed designing and customizing the website to look at different themes. This week, I learned how to properly manage a website in terms of the main domain and the several subdomains you can create. It’s a lot to take in the first week but I hope to improve. If I were to do this differently, I would certainly check up on some YouTube tutorials or just some like tips and tricks with WordPress. I really want to get use to using this as my other classes also require it. I currently don’t have any questions and I don’t necessarily have any larger issues in my current workspace. Whenever I decide on working on something, I put my mind to it. The LoFi beats are cranked to the max and I’m completely focused on whatever it is at hand. Not sure if anyone is interested but here is the playlist I listen to whenever I’m working on school work.

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