The pictures that I chose illustrates symbols, dominance, unity, and color. All of these images were taken near Eagle Village or inside. The first picture shows represents unity because of the stores being interconnected with one another structurally. I thought it was a great way to show the community built up around these small shopping centers. It’s here where you know all the owners and keeping a close relationship is important with one another. The second picture I took was walking on the main road of the Giant sign. Under it, is an advertisement for Kumo Sushi. I took this picture because it caught my eye from the diverse and abstract use of colors. Along with this, it appears lit up when compared to the other establishments on the board. Great eyecatcher, especially if I was driving down the main road. The third picture I chose was the UMW walkway that connects the main campus to Eagle Landing. When taking this picture out of my car window, I immediately knew it was going to be great in the aspect of illustrating dominance. This whole area is labeled as the University of Mary Washington area and this massive bridge stretched high above the main road is assertive of such. The final picture I chose was the a sign meaning a two way road. This was mostly because it reminded me of an episode from Curious George where he messed with important road symbols. In this episode, it was the traffic light. Here, he saw other animals attempting to cross the road but were quickly stopped short because of the constant changing trafficl ight. Therefore, he used different colored papers to cover up the traffic light. I provided a small clip from the episode down below. It is the first part of the episode until 4:45.

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