The assignment asks for a regular image of your choice to be turned into a drawing using really any type of third party editing software. I chose GIMP as it was free and seemed alright to use after looking through some previous users. I decided to choose a monkey I had seen in India. You’ll recognize this fella from my prior post about India. I chose this as I had never seen a monkey this close much less in India. It was an intriguing experience and though the wildlife was cool to look at, our guide had advised us to stay away as they are quite protective about their territory. Though overall, it was very exciting to get to work with some type of third party editing software. I’ve always been interested in the topic/idea of editing photos and this was a great learning experience. To complete this assignment, I watched a YouTube video on exploring the different functions of GIMP which led to me eventually creating layers and changing the blur or saturation values in whichever accordingly. The video I watched was very informative and helped me in understanding the capabilities of even a smaller program like GIMP vs. say Photoshop.

Below, is the video I watched as well as a direct comparison between the original and final image I chose. Hope that anyone that is struggling with this assignment will use this as a small tutorial on getting GIMP to work along just fine.

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