One of the design assignments I chose this week was creating a small cottage back in Minecraft. Minecraft is an open world filled with biomes waiting to be explored and conquered. In the game, you can build and destroy structures and blocks as you please. Nothing too crazy but I did feel like it was a great location to build based on the elevation and location of the structure. Very peaceful location with a river running along just down the mountain at the foot. Discovering this location and building here was quite a challenge as originally, there was an above world lava pool, which hindered me from building in this location. Daring as I am, I covered up the above ground lava pool and proceeded with working away at trees and the grass. I found “flint and steel” the most effective as I had a controlled burn on this small section. After that was done, I created this work of art and down below, you’ll find a small video of it.

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