For the most part, I felt as though I completed the requirements of all the assignments quite well. I tried to incorporate more videos and photos this week into my work to ensure that their was enough intriguing content for viewers to see. The website itself gave me so much trouble! I am quite honestly frustrated in writing this. I spent around an hour writing a blog post just to see that after I “published” it, it never really saved at all and there was an hour down the drain. Along with this, occasionally the website will just not save drafts or publish anything I write. Therefore, I’ve made a backup website I keep up to date whenever the main one goes down. Right now, I have no solutions as it seems like a technical error and not a user one. I will say I did enjoy going back through my photo album for the collage assignments, those were great! This week, I would say I learned a lot about hooking the viewer on and keeping them engaged much more. If I were to do something differently this week, I would work on customizing the formatting of my blog posts. Aligning the images along with wrapping the text makes for a very aesthetically pleasing end result. I currently don’t have any questions about this weeks work, but hope that the website will manage and bear with me for this coming week!
Storytelling Blog Post
Photo Safari Blog Post

Wasn’t really sure or understood the format for the Daily Create items so I’m just going to link them here, here, and here,

Visual Assignment 1 Blog Post
Visual Assignment 2 Blog Post
Visual Assignment 3 Blog Post
Visual Assignment 4 Blog Post

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