The sound and imagery I used in the “sauce takeover” story were all fairly simple and fun to do. I used Audacity to combine audio tracks from YouTube of “cnn breaking news intro”. Here, you can find tons of samples that you can use to your own preference. Afterwards, I used a converter off the internet to convert the YouTube link into a MP3 format. After this, it can be evenly matched and put into Audacity. I lowered the initial volume input of the CNN breaking news part and added in a slow and quiet news ambience for the majority of speaking. This worked well as it didn’t sound just like me talking and allowed for the audio clip to embrace the environment it needed to be in.

In the breaking news section, I messed around with Photoshop to add in the news tags to an image of the sweet and sour sauce. The final result of the image came out much better than I had anticipated with the additional tags I added on the bottom for reminders.