CHIMP turned using GIMP

The assignment asks for a regular image of your choice to be turned into a drawing using really any type of third party editing software. I chose GIMP as it was free and seemed alright to use after looking through some previous users. I decided to choose a monkey I had seen in India. You’ll recognize this fella from my […]

A Trip Down Peaceful and Nostalgic Times

The assignment asks to provide a collage of images that represent a peaceful representation. The images I chose are from a high school global education trip in India. If I were to describe the trip in itself, it was unforgettable and joyful. The memories and long time friends I made on that trip are uncountable. The feeling of freedom began […]

Maybe Art Class Wasn’t for Nothing???

The assignment details for this were quite easy to understand. I decided to take a trip down memory lane in my photo album. In doing so, I wanted to find something that was far back but wasn’t past high school. I remembered that during my Freshmen art class, we actually had an assignment I actually enjoyed. I had originally disliked […]