Mixtape for Avicii

I am a big fan of the EDM genre in music. One of my favorite DJs even after he passed, was Avicii. I decided to choose two songs from the studio album of True (2013). I’ve actually used this program before in high school for another assignment to explore media creations. The website I used to create this was “rave.dj”. […]

Amazing Destination

Old Rag Mountain. Truly a sight to behold once at the top of this beautiful mountain. I would recommend going in the Summer or Fall as the colors are just breathtaking. I travelled up Old Rag this prior week and would say that it’s a good time to go now. It is almost a 10 mile hike to the top […]

Barcode Artwork

The fourth design assignment I chose was converting an animal I chose into a barcode silhouette. The process of doing this was not simple as the tutorial videos linked, are not viewable. Therefore, I spent quite some time before I discovered a YouTube video explaining the concept of a Double Exposure Effect. I used Photoshop to create this but was […]

A Tribute to Robert Williams

The third design assignment I chose was wrapping text around an a specific image. For the picture, I chose a scene from Dead Poet Society, starring Robert Williams. One of my favorite movies of all time, which the character of Professor Robert Keating could not have been portrayed more accurately by an actor. The image chosen had intent behind creating […]

NBA Game at Goolrick

For the second Design Assignment, I chose to make a sports poster. Normally, I’m not too involved with professional sports but I decided to do this as I had done basketball before and occasionally watch NBA games. I chose the Golden State Warriors as my main focus when creating this poster. Creating this poster was quite fun as I used […]

Back to the Basics…

One of the design assignments I chose this week was creating a small cottage back in Minecraft. Minecraft is an open world filled with biomes waiting to be explored and conquered. In the game, you can build and destroy structures and blocks as you please. Nothing too crazy but I did feel like it was a great location to build […]