Everyone has or will have traveled to McDonalds once in their lives. A well known fast food restAurant chain that is enjoyed by many. As appetizing as some things are, equality is shared throughout the menu as there’s a specific person out there that likes a specific food. That is until June 17th, 2022. On that day, posters and fliers were posted everywhere that signified for a more united “sweet yet sour” country. McDonald’ has about 10 sauces including Sweet N Sour but lately, more and more sauces have been disappearing from stores. More and more sweet and sour sauce packets have replaced other sauce shipments like tangy BBQ. There recently has been no retaliation in accordance to such.

Poster found near the University of Mary Washington with several more scattered throughout the schools’ buildings, both interior and exterior.

Images within McDonalds itself have also been vandalized using spray paint. It seems this new found craze to sweet and sour has led some to form cult like behaviors. The need and want for this sauce is sweeping the nation, from California to Virginia.

Image inside of a local McDonalds vandalized to support the Sweet N Sour sauce craze. Not much is known about the vandalizer as the cameras at the restaurant have been covered in moldy Sweet N Sour sauce.

There have been new reports in some stores that employees and customers alike are acting a bit “abnormal”. New reports from the Jepson Science Center indicate that consumption of this sauce will result in overly addictive tendencies and also shows an increase in aggressively offering the sauce to others. The Fredericksburg area has become the epicenter of this newfound epidemic.

With a decade filled with zombie movies and shows like the Walking Dead, Train to Busan, World War Z, and Dawn of the Dead, who knew that our demise would soon be at a fast food sauce? It’s time to start stockpiling and bunkering up America! Executives from McDonalds have yet to comment on the situation as the government has been in debate about tackling this homemade “bomb”.

If you are interested in how some of the media was created in this digital story, down below are links to tutorials I made for constructing this media post.

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