The assignment asks to provide a collage of images that represent a peaceful representation. The images I chose are from a high school global education trip in India. If I were to describe the trip in itself, it was unforgettable and joyful. The memories and long time friends I made on that trip are uncountable. The feeling of freedom began to set in when our group left New Delhi towards the Uttarkashi town and district. It was here in which we made quite the adventurous trip up towards the town of Landour (there were no guard rails going up a very narrow path upwards).

Hilly Hideaway: Winding Walks & Banana Pancakes in Landour | Nat Geo  Traveller India
Small motel where we stayed at which was also a restaurant. Very delicious in the mornings.

We stayed here for about a week exploring and interacting with the locals. Our night time walks and deep conversation with the locals were always the highlight of the day in my daily journal. The adventure we had up to Landour was not even close to the description I would give to the hike up to Aghora within the most northern part of Uttarkashi. We would experience and bear all the misfortunes Mother Nature through at us. The hike up began with a sludge like mud at the foot of the mountain. This trip upwards would take around 3-5 hours. We began our ascent while taking in the thrashing of rain against our already damp clothing. Soon enough, it began to get colder and colder until we could finally see snow falling to the ground instead of rain. The sight of the landscape was beautiful and captivating. Upon reaching the top, the feeling I wish I could describe simply cannot be put into words. All the projects, homework, future life plans, etc, were just thrown out the window. Being at the top of the mountain felt like I was free from any worry or responsibilities. I truly have never felt such a feeling since then nor before. Below is a collage of some images from our time in Landour to the small mountainous town of Aghora.

If you’ve gotten this far, here’s a clip of our lovely interaction with the wildlife in Landour.

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