The Vignelli Canon begins with a table of contents labeled as The Intangibles. Here, it goes over the following topics: Semantics, Syntactics, Pragmatics, Discipline, Appropriateness, Ambiguity, Design is One, Visual Power, Intellectual Elegance, Timelessness, Responsibility, and Equity. Something that stuck out to me while reading The Vignelli Canon, was a specific line that can be carried throughout any type of work in any generation, “We design things which we think are semantically correct and syntactically consistent but if, at the point of fruition, no one understands the result, or the meaning of all that effort, the entire work is useless.” This clearly states that there should be a clarity of meaning behind artwork. If others cannot see the meaning behind the piece, then it truly would be a waste of time. Sharing artwork is a big part of art and allowing others to consider the meaning and depiction of a piece, is a fundamental concept when judging and eyeing art. Though the meaning behind some pieces don’t have to be literal, it’s still good to have a main focal point which is conveyed from the piece to the onlooker.

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