Out of the three sources that were given, I found that the “Unit 5: Telling Stories in Photos” was the most beneficial for me in terms of getting better photographs and trying new angles. For example, I really liked changing my own perspective to create a much more interesting end photo. I used this technique by bring the camera down so that the eye level perception of the image is scaled down to size with my roommate’s shoe on the counter.

Originally I tried doing a top down shot, but found that it was not as interesting as the side down shot. I only captured the soles of the shoes when doing the top down angle, where as when I did the side shot, I caught the curves of the shoe and also some of smaller indents that wouldn’t have been seen from a top down shot. The photo I’m most proud of in terms of learning a new photo technique, is this picture I took down the hall just outside my room.

The reason for this is mainly because I found that this was an interesting way to simulate a tunnel effect. The lighting creates a nice lighter shade of tone to the walls which begins to blend in with the patterns of the carpet on the ground. Overall, I’m quite glad with how this turned out (especially with the red EXIT sign at the middle end of the hall). Along with the suggestions given in the Unit 5 post, I found it fascinating to consider the different eras of photography and how each era has it’s own commonality amongst photos versus other time eras.

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