In this class, I would say I learned quite a lot in terms of digital media creation. I use the internet and technology quite a lot an have always been interested in media creation. This class gave me incentive to see the work that is put into some of the things I love on the internet like memes and gifs. Looking at the time it takes to fully edit a “good” video enjoyed by others on YouTube, has allowed me to appreciate the content creators I like and watch on a daily basis. If I had to take this class over again, I would most definitely attempt to use different types of programs that I didn’t try this semester. The most exciting project I did would have to be the Video and Audio assignments. The Audio assignments were 100% my favorite and learned the most from, but I would say that the video assignments took me outside of my comfort zone (in a good way of course). Down below, I have links to everything I completed this week. Do have a good rest of your summer!

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