After listening to both Radiolab’s Jab Abumrad and part one and two of Ira Glass’s segments, I’ve noticed that there is a lot of talk about exploring and also acknowledging the greatness’s and weaknesses of content. Sometimes, although you’ve spent many hours to researching a story, it could just be all useless and will be discarded away. It’s important to be able to tell the difference between a great story, and also just a bunch of content that might click together. Within Ira Glass’s segment, he said that half the content they search for is often times discarded away and abandoned. It’s important to stop yourself from doing anymore while checking for the structure of the story you’re telling, and also having a moment of reflection. If either one doesn’t seem to hold up to the expectations, then most likely, it’s time to find a new topic or edit yours to better compliment the two checks. The biggest takeaway for me in the Radiolab segment, was how Jab Abumrad was describing what the radio lacks from television sets. The lack of actual physical illustrations of the topic being discussed. Because of this, the radio speaker needs to accommodate for that which opens up a whole new skill set that in my opinion, surpasses the television. It’s clearly been worked on progressively more and more throughout the years as there are still podcasts and radio shows.

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