This was a very interesting and difficult assignment. Prior to this, I have not used Audacity or any form of audio editing software. Beginning as a beginner felt quite out of place but once I got the hang of it, it was quite easy and simple. The sounds I used during my 3 minute audio was all from “freesound”.

It was great as it really had all the effects I needed like a car, rustling, and music. At first I was quite worried about getting use to and using this new program I had never used or experienced but I quite enjoy it now. It’s easy to import music into the audio mixer used.

One thing I would change is getting a new microphone as the one hooked up to my computer (which sounds great), is broken. Therefore, I had to use the Apple Airpods’ microphone which is terrible sound quality in my opinion. I am hoping to get one before this coming weekend though so it should sound much better if there are any other audio assignments.

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