This week has been quite hectic and frustrating as I have big plans on meeting some childhood friends in New York. I haven’t seen them in several years and am so happy to finally be able to see each other again.

In order to enjoy my time there, I am completing all my assignments for this week/weekend quite early and hopefully will be able to relax for a bit. While completing this week’s assignments, I found that I actually enjoyed this week’s problems a bit more than I would have expected. This is mostly due to the ease of access of such programs like Wondershare Filmora. Along with this, I felt like I learned quite a lot in “reading” movies. It has never been something that’s crossed my mind as I’m quite usually rushed about things. With this being said, it is the little things in life that matter. Slowing down and going through the clips I chose was very interesting as separating both sound and video isn’t really something I or anyone I know would do when analyzing a clip/scene from a movie. Roger Ebert’s methods are interesting as some of the things he would identify never crossed my mind as a thought to be analyzed deeply. For example, the strong and weak axis and different lighting/colors that impact the contrast of a character. Doing the “Look, Listen, Analyze” assignment was very exciting to do as I completed it right after going through Roger Ebert’s article.

Some scenes did imitate the tendencies listed under his methods but similarly, an equal amount didn’t. My biggest takeaway from his methods is this quote he says, “Never make the mistake of thinking of these things as absolutes. They exist in the realm of emotional tendencies.”

How to Read a Movie – Roger Ebert
Look, Listen, Analyze

Video Assignment #1
Video Assignment #2
Video Assignment #3

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