Man oh man. I’ve decided till Sunday to do this assignment and boy was it time consuming. I’ve gotten into the habit of looking specifically at my Dashboard to complete my assignments as currently, everything is so jumbled up together. Unfortunately, I’ve really only looked at daily assignments so I assumed this was a scot-free week of no homework for this class but was I wrong. With this being said, I would say that I did work a lot harder on my assignments this week ironically. I chose harder topics with more stars from the assignment banks we had. Something that gave me trouble was finding tutorials for some of the assignments I chose, as they would either not exist, or be removed due to how long ago the video was (inactive websites). The thing that I enjoyed and learned the most from, was creating GIFs. I feel as if I will be using this a lot more outside of this class as I’ve always wondered how GIFs are created. If I were to do something differently, it would definitely be spreading this assignment out throughout the week much better. For example, this coming week, I plan on completing one sub assignment each day until next Sunday. There aren’t really any cultural issues or societal issues surrounding my work this week but I will say that learning about GIFs in this day and age is important. In one of my other classes, we went over why the topic of “Memes” were prevalent in today’s society. It’s a new and modernized way of sharing communication through a wide spread group of people. GIFs essentially can act the same way.

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