A Reminder of the Journey

This specific video assignment was a very nostalgic journey down my camera roll on my phone. Some of the content in here dates back to my freshmen year of highschool and it’s shocking to see how much time has passed. Time flies if you don’t stop and take note of your surroundings. I haven’t really gone this detailed into my […]

A Heart

The poem I chose is a beautiful poem titled as “She Walks In Beauty”. It was written by Lord Byron who was an English poet in the late 1700s. He is considered to be one of the best English poets in history as many of other works are well versed and respected. I had originally heard this poem from the […]

A Reminder from the Future

Here’s a video I made on Wondershare Filmora as I couldn’t get the video editor to work. It wouldn’t accept any MOV, MP3, MP4, M4A, etc. Used all types of converters to no avail. Therefore, I had to use some other third party software. For the most part, it was very easy to use. The only issue of course is […]

Look, Listen, Analyze

The first clip I chose to analyze was the one with Joker’s “Pencil Trick”. Looking at it visually, there are multiple times where there is a clear distinction between the foreground and background. With this being said, it is not every time in which the “past” would be conceived on the left while the “future” would be on the right […]

How to Read a Movie

The methods suggested by Ebert are intentional core aspects of the scenes. Although say for example it would take time to get use to, frame by frame reviews do show a much more detailing consideration when analyzing film/movie scenes. I’ve always noticed the background and foreground emphasis but never to the completion he describes it in where the past is […]

Mixtape for Avicii

I am a big fan of the EDM genre in music. One of my favorite DJs even after he passed, was Avicii. I decided to choose two songs from the studio album of True (2013). I’ve actually used this program before in high school for another assignment to explore media creations. The website I used to create this was “rave.dj”. […]

Spooky Ensemble

After finishing the story time assignment using Audacity, it made it much easier to complete other assignments like this., The music I chose form y spooky theme was all from “freesound”. The variety in which they have is truly amazing and did not fall short when I needed to look for a creaking door opening. What’s interesting is trying to […]

Corn University

This was a very interesting and difficult assignment. Prior to this, I have not used Audacity or any form of audio editing software. Beginning as a beginner felt quite out of place but once I got the hang of it, it was quite easy and simple. The sounds I used during my 3 minute audio was all from “freesound”. It […]

The Truth Behind the Moon Landing

This podcast was possibly one of the coolest “What Ifs” I’ve ever listened to. I never realized that there was a speech written for the Apollo 11 should it have failed. In my previous post, I talked about the inability to produce a physical image from the radio. It completely depends on the speaker to produce creative thoughts in the […]